Breakfast Menu

All Day

AMO Crepes // $16

Crepes, baked citrus ricotta, organic maple syrup, hazelnuts praline
* add on: nutella $2 / vanilla ice-cream $3

AMO Soufflé Hotcake  (available until 12pm) // $24

Fluffy Soufflé hotcakes, house made milk jam, fruits, vanilla ice-cream

AMO Egg Drop Toastie // $23

Scrambled egg, crispy belly bacon, sliced avocado, sweet & spice mayonnaise on garlic buttered brioche

Avocado on Toast // $23

Avocado, cherry tomatoes, honey vinaigrette, whipped citrus fetta, romesco, rye crumb, AMO focaccia

Tiger Prawn Omelette // $28

Burnt chilli butter tiger prawn, chilli jam, market green, kimchi focaccia

Green Goddess Shakshuka // $26

Seasonal vegetable, green goddess cashew pesto, coconut cream, two free-range eggs

Egg Benedict // $18

Crispy belly bacon, spinach, two poached eggs, hollandaise and toasted AMO focaccia *add on: smoked salmon $7 / AMO zucchini hashbrown $6

Bit of Everything // $29

Smoked bacon, two free-range eggs, buttered mushroom, rosemary roasted cherry tomatoes, AMO zucchini hashbrown on AMO focaccia

Eggs Your Way // $12

Two free-range eggs on Amo focaccia

Add ons

Egg // $2.5
Crispy belly bacon // $5
Buttered mushroom // $6
Roasted cherry tomatoes // $6
Smoked salmon // $7
AMO zucchini hashbrown // $6

Avocado // $5
Crushed chats // S$7 / L$13
Sautéed spinach // $5
Blueberry sausage // $8
Chilli jam // $3
Fries with parmesan aioli // $8

Kids Menu

Toast and Jam // $8
Egg on Toast // $9
Kids Crepes // $10
Kids Ham & Cheese Toastie // $12

Kids Pizza // $13
Kids Burger // $14
Kids Pasta // $13
Kids Fish & Chips // $14

Our customers love us!

Great food and presentation, friendly staff and a nice ambience. Will be back to try the souffle hotcake and deep fried ice cream.


 – Cairns Food Blog

When I saw they were doing Matcha Lattes and Soufflé Pancakes I was sold!? Off we went to give them a try. We also got the Eggs Benedict which was on tasty focaccia bread!?? OMG the Soufflé Pancakes though!? 

 – Sarah Eats

True to form I had the Tiger Prawn Omelette because I’m a sucker for any breakfast that combines eggs and chilli. With burnt chilli butter tiger prawn, chilli jam, market greens & kimchi focaccia this one did not disappoint!